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Blutnamensturnier CWG Regeln [en]







Stand: Juni 2016

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  1. The tournament shall be held in MechWarrior:Online (Private Lobbies)
  2. 31 participants will be nominated.
  3. The 32nd slot will be assigned to the winner of the Grand Melee.
  4. Winner of the tournament gets the bloodname of his house.
  5. Tournament officials are the Khans (Γ) and the Loremaster (Γ).
  6. Officials have the responsibility for the tournament and sort out everything that cannot be handled by the Oathmasters.


  1. Behaviour of a Clan Warrior is expected at any time.


  1. No Limitations.

Permitted Equipment:

  1. ALL Clanmechs permitted.
  2. NO LIMITATIONS to weapons.
  3. Permitted Mech classes in fights: L, M, H, A.
  4. Permitted Mech classes in the Grand Melee: L, M, H.
  5. All modules allowed,
    Only Exceptions:
    • Artillerie NOT ALLOWED.
    • Airstrikes NOT ALLOWED.

Grand Melee

Registration for the Grand Melee:

  1. Accredited: Trueborn warriors from the Rank of MechWarrior.
  2. Application is made in the Forums (or through your superiors to Bronze Keshik (Γ)).

Procedure of the Grand Melee:

  1. Map: Caustic Valley.
  2. Team 1: Oathmasterteam (Oathmaster and Assistant).
  3. Team 2: Participants.
  4. Minute 20:00-18:00 (Do not Fire!): Form a big circle.
  5. Minute 18:00-16:00 (Do not Fire!): Take any position inside the circle.
  6. Fight begins after countdown and signal from the Oathmaster.
  7. More than 12 participants will be distributed to several drops.
  8. Any round will be played until half (rounded up) of the fighters stand.
  9. The standing pilots will go to the next round.
  10. Last 12 pilots will fight until last Mech standing.
  11. Arrangements and teamwork is allowed at any time.

XP Score:

  1. CWG: Participation in the Grand Melee: +600XP.
  2. CWG: Victory in the Grand Melee: +1000XP.



  1. Accredited: Trueborn warriors from the Rank of MechWarrior.
  2. Bloodnamed warriors nominate one participant of their bloodhouse.
  3. Keshik will nominate participants for unoccupied slots.
  4. Different units will have the invitation to nominate a number of participants.

Preparation and procedure of a fight:

  1. Round must be concluded until the given enddate.
  2. Fights will be done if the timewindows where Oathmasterteams are available.
  3. If other appointments are needed, they can be made IF a Oathmasterteam agrees and is available.
  4. Server: Homezone of the HUNTED.
  5. Area of engagement is the complete map.
  6. Hunter and Hunted are determined by the coin ritual.
  7. The Hunter chooses a tonnage range:

     25-35t: MLX|25 ACH|30 KFX|30 ADR|35 JR7|35
     30-40t: ACH|30 KFX|30 ADR|35 JR7|35 VPR|40
     35-45t: ADR|35 JR7|35 VPR|40 IFR|45
     40-50t: VPR|40 IFR|45 SHC|45 NVA|50 HBK|50
     45-55t: IFR|45 SHC|45 NVA|50 HBK|50 SCR|55
     50-60t: NVA|50 HBK|50 SCR|55 MDD|60
     55-65t: SCR|55 MDD|60 EBJ|65 HBR|65
     60-70t: MDD|60 EBJ|65 HBR|65 SMN|70
     65-75t: EBJ|65 HBR|65 SMN|70 TBR|75 ON1|75 NTG|75
     70-80t: SMN|70 TBR|75 ON1|75 NTG|75 GAR|80
     75-85t: TBR|75 ON1|75 NTG|75 GAR|80 WHK|85
     80-90t: GAR|80 WHK|85 HGN|90
     85-95t: WHK|85 HGN|90 EXE|95
    90-100t: HGN|90 EXE|95 DWF|100 KDK|100

  8. The hunted chooses map, team and lance (drop location).
  9. Both pilots have 20 mintes time after the coin ritual to prepare the fight.
  10. Both pilots provide a smurfies link to their builds (only visible to the Oathmaster).
  11. Fight will be fought.
  12. Oathmaster will put the result (with a screenshot) into

Events and consequences:

  1. Disconnect before engagement: Redrop.
  2. Disconnect after engagement: Once the fight has been freed by the Oathmaster (countdown and signal), a disconnected Mech is a destroyed Mech.
    The fight will be a loss for the disconnected pilot.
  3. In case of a breach of rules there is a disqualification.


  1. Fighters can agree on arrangements for a fight (e.g. not to fire on legs).
  2. The Oathmaster NEEDS to approve any arrangement.
  3. Those arrangements are not part of the rules.
  4. Those arrangements can not be claimed to be kept.

XP Score:

  1. CWG: Participation in the ToB: -2000XP.
  2. CWG: Victory in the ToB: +5000XP.