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Meldric WARD

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02.02.3050 (2015)
22:20 TNZ +1
Clan Wolf Invasion Corridor

Clan Wolf Germany has a conclave of all warriors, celebrating and discussing the promotion of the newly SCols Meldric and Riot. Everyone is concentrated on the matters at hand. Suddenly Khan Merlin Conners steps into the room, followed by two of his bloodnamed warriors and members of the Clan Wolf International Keshik! All Clan Wolf warriors turn their faces to the arrivers, alarmed and battle ready, but deeply surprised. Why are these mighty warriors here? What in Kerensky‘s name has happened? All these questions were visible to a well trained eye. With a smile on his face Loremaster Marco Hall awaits the great opening of what is coming next.

Bloodright ceremony of Khan Meldric Ward
(led by Khan Merlin Conners)

Khan Merlin Conners (CWI):
„Warriors of Clan Wolf hear my Voice! I, Merlin Conners, Khan of Clan Wolf International wish to address this conclave.”

Loremaster Marco Hall (CWG):
„Well met, Khan Conners! The conclave is yours!”

Khan Merlin Conners (CWI):
„For many years now we have enjoyed the camaraderie of our German Brothers. We have fought together, we have cried together but most of all we have shared the bond of being wolves together. However something has been bothering me recently and I felt it was time to do something about it. At the heart of every clan is its leadership. Many people have asked me what it takes to be a leader. A clear vision with the ability to paint a picture of the Future, a strong Mission statement they can articulate and put into action, interpersonal Skills allowing them to communicate with people on a level they can understand and, finally, a can-do attitude. Which, when added all together, gives someone the ability to inspire.

I personally have seen all of these in Meldric and Riot over the last 2 years and I have documented evidence of their actions in doing the right thing for this unit, doing the right thing for the community but most of all doing the right thing for CLAN WOLF for many years before that. These are the facts and beyond reproach. I have on a number of occasions been invited, and have attended German Clan Wolf Events, even being honored by being allowed to attend some of your most intimate rituals. The honor and respect I have been shown by all warriors come from the steadfast example put forward by Meldric and Riot. I look at Meldric as my equal in everything. However this is not the documented case. Meldric, you have proved yourself to have the heart, soul and body of a true warrior, nae Khan of this Clan and Riot you are his strong right hand who has stood with him through the good and the bad. This has not gone unnoticed and this is why I interrupt this conclave to put things right. Normally a warrior would fight for his place in the eugenics program which ensures that only the strongest warriors leave their legacy. Is there anyone amongst you who feels that Meldric and Riot and not the strongest amongst you who hold this Clan together. They fight on a daily basis to better this Clan and have been recognised by those who have gone before and worthy addition to the programme.”

Trial of Bloodright

Khan Merlin Conners (CWI):
„Meldric come forth!
Khan Gunny Rhyde, you represent the 31 warriors unworthy to face Meldric in a grand melee, Do you admit defeat?”

Khan Gunny Rhyde (CWI):
„I do!”

Khan Merlin Conners (CWI):
„Doom Radick you represent the 31 warriors unable to defeat Meldric in single combat, Do you admit defeat?”

Doom Radick (CWI):
„I do!”

Khan Merlin Conners (CWI):
„I represent the single warrior of great skill and honour that was unable to defeat Meldric in single combat, I admit defeat! Meldric let your bloodname be entered into your codex and the house of Ward!”

Khan Merlin Conners was unfolding the silk house Wards ceremonial wrappings from the mask to reveal the true face of Meldric Ward. He stoped to look closely at the wolf mask before him. Turning to Meldric he handed him his mask that until this moment he himself had not seen. Taking a moment he looks at it with proud eyes, than turns before the assembled Wolves who all ware there true faces.

Khan Meldric Ward (CWG):
„I am Meldric Ward! Know me now and forever by my true face!”

Lifting the mask before him for all too clearly see the black face of the wolf, snarling and showing his gleaming white teeth. Its matted fur spikes sharply shine like obsidian shards, the green star of our father stand proud in the centre of it forehead and the red lined eyes stare intently into the heart of its enemies. The mask in enhanced with chainmail to act as protection with the glyphs hanging from the bottom signifying the proud fighting heritage of it wearer. This is the mask of a warrior of skill and cunning, all who see it bear witness, lowering the mask to his face.

Khan Meldric Ward (CWG):
„I Meldric Ward declare myself to be a Crusader and a true son of the House Ward.”

Khan Merlin Conners (CWI):
„This shall this stand till we all shall fall!!!”

Loremaster Marco Hall (CWG):
„Thank you, Khans of Clan Wolf International!”

Speech of Loremaster Marco Hall

„Wolves! German trothkin and most honored guests! Today Clan Wolf stands united to celebrate two of our mightiest warriors! Two warriors who have served the Clan for more than a decade! Wolves by heart and soul! They are the epitome of leadership! They gave council, when needed! They communicated and argued with other factions hour after hour. In times of separation and betrayal, they kept our Clan together, by cutting off the infected flesh. Again and again they led our touman into battle. Under their leadership we conquered parts of the Inner Sphere more than once. They showed us our ultimate goal and keep guiding us on our way to Terra. Doing so, they strengthened our will and set our focus into the one possible direction. To keep true to the traditions of the founder and to honor the rules and trials carved into stone by him. Even in times of personal loss, they were here for us! They made more of us than only a Clan amongst many. They forged the bonds of friendship between strangers. Their unbreakable will made us not only comrades. Neg, they made a Wolf pack of us. Wolves incarnate! To bestow them with our greatest honor, allowing Khan Merlin Conners to grand them their Bloodright, by vouching for them is the least I could do. Wolves! I was there the whole time and followed in their wake. To honor the new bearers of the Bloodnames Ward is the least we can do! Glory to Khan Meldric Ward! Glory to Khan Michael 'Riot' Ward! Glory to Clan Wolf! Seyla!”

Speech of Khan Meldric Ward, accepting his Bloodname

„I would like to say something to anyone of you being new to German Clan Wolf and to you, our honorable guests from Clan Wolf International who may not know us for too long. For the last decade and more, Riot and me, as well as Nimrod have been loyal to the Wolf. We have been giving what was needed and sometimes more than that to bring our beloved clan forward into a glorious future. We had our own profile and many times people from other factions got confronted with our strong and uncompromising attitude towards the traditions of our founder. We had to learn how to deal with harmfull individuals, we had to learn to be strict at one hand and flexible at the other, to listen to the warriors and officers under our command as well as to guide them. We learned how to position ourselves and the clan towards other factions in the battle for Terra and all of the Inner Sphere. Learning from our mistakes, we were hard when it was necessary, flexible when it was needed and always full of dedication. Our weapons were words as well as silence, dedication as well as trust, politics as well as BattleMechs. While I can just say this, it may be testified by others. We had hard times, we had victorious times. Always at least one of us has been actively pushing the limits. For the same long time we were stuck in the situation of carrying inappropriate ranks and no bloodnames where a bloodname would have been necessary by definition. We are true to our traditions and all three of us felt it to be wrong to bestow a bloodname onto ourselves. Thus we kept on going with the ranks we gained in our trials of position - and without bloodnames. Knowing we were out of sync with the tradition, for a long time we let non-player characters represent the Keshik to reflect the situation, but people happened to not getting the point of this and became very confused about the different identities. While the process of MWO and finally CW the non player characters were dropped by Riot and me, while Nimrod kept his Loremaster char. The situation felt uncomfortable to everyone as we knew it was a bit off. Still, putting a bloodname or even a rank onto each other or even to one self was no valid option to anyone of us. That is the reason why I held the rank as a StarCommander until last week. Today you, Khan Merlin Conners, the known and respected leader of Clan Wolf International corrected this, by your own initiative and intention. We are proud the work and dedication has been seen! We take this greatest honor for a clan warrior without humbleness, but with pride and dignity, because we know it is right. I, now speaking only for my person, will continue to serve the clan with all my power and I will do so in close cooperation with my Keshik, the warriors of German Clan Wolf, the international council and with you, Khan Merlin Conners, who I see as my equal in everything from now on until the vision of Kerensky was fullfilled and beyond. Seyla!”

Witnessed by

  • SCol Khan Meldric WARD (CWG)
  • SCol Khan Michael 'Riot' WARD (CWG)
  • Loremaster Marco HALL (Nimrod) (CWG)
  • Khan Merlin CONNERS (CWI)
  • Khan Gunny RHYDE (CWI)
  • Doom RADICK (CWI)
  • SCom Strongwind (CWG)
  • MW Steve (CWG)
  • and many others...


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