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Sigrid Radick - way of the Warrior
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22.05.2017 12:03:36
Sigrid Radick - way of the Warrior

Military Hospital
Novy Moscva, Eden
Pentagon worlds, Clan homeworlds
28 October 3044

Adam and Eve, the two moons of Eden were just creeping up from the horizon as the planets sun was just setting over the capital city Novy Moscva. Not often would the two moons rise together, due to their different paths across the sky, but every couple of months, they would rise almost simultaneously, and it was truly a magnificent sight. Sigrid was just waking up from the operation, with eyesight still blurry, she could not see the two moons, nor was she truly aware what was going on. It would take her a while to waken up enough to call for the nurse by the push of the button she could barely make out by her bed. As she waited for the nurse, she became aware of the bandages across her face, partially covering her right eye, and the majority of the right side of her face. Sigrid was an attractive your Clan Warrior, only 16 years of age, and was particularly concerned about her about her appearance. Unconventional for a Clan Warrior, but she would take extra long to take care of herself and to get her hair done before she would report in on the training grounds each morning. Clan SibKo training would begin very early and last late into the evening, where the majority of your Warriors to be would literally fall into their bunk beds after, but not Sigrid. She could not turn in, until she combed her long blond hair. That war unconventional for a Clan Warrior, and she would be ridiculed for such on more than one occasion by her SibKin, but this would not stop her or her routine every evening and morning. The little time off that members of a SibKo would receive, she would spend well dressed, and out of her jumper uniform. She knew she was not behaving as a Warrior in those moments, but this is what made her, her. She was comfortable that way, and she believed this is what made her such a good pupil as well as Warrior. Feeling those bandages and sharp pain in her face came as a shock to her. She could not remember where she was, or why she was there. As the nurse rushed into her room at the hospital, Sigrid would barely lift her head, still weak from the anesthesia she received before the operation.
“You are awake. Welcome back to the living.” the nurse greeted her. “Where am I? What happened?” she could barely mutter the words. The nurse would clear away a strand of her hair from her face, Sigrid tried pulling away instinctively, but could not. The old woman said, “You are in the Military Hospital in Novy Moscva child. You have suffered severe trauma to your head. You are lucky to be alive!” Child? Lucky? Freebirth! she thought, who does this old hen think she is talking to? Sigrid took a while to respond, and muttered, “How bad is it? Did I lose my eye? Will I be able to fight?”, even when she was concerned about her looks, she was more concerned about being able to fight. She always dreamed of a reunited and reformed Star League, and to visit Terra. She knew she would have to fight for those, and felt that those things would not happen unless she was contributing to those causes. “Your eyesight should not be impaired, you suffered no injury to your eyes, your face however…” as the nurse said those words she could see Sigrids body twitch on the bed, “received most of the blast from the debris. We had to re-align your right cheekbone, and stitch up most of your right cheek, from your mouth, almost back up to your ear. You had a part of the cockpit endosteel still lodged into your cheek. You are not in any danger, and you will be able to fight in a couple of weeks just fine.” Sigrid could not respond, a small tear emerged from her left eye, “Do not worry child, we will patch you up, we can even reconstruct your face, none will be able to tell you ever had any injuries.” No wonder the old hen is calling me a child, I am weeping like one right now, “No. I am a Warrior.” she said, and rested her head back, “Thank you nurse”. The nurse would would stroke her hair gently again, turn around, and leave her to rest.
Sigrid needed to rest, she had to recover, although, she could not remember completely what happened, she remembered her climbing up the 40 ton Clint Medium BattleMech she would pilot on that training day against Dirk, her SibKin. Dirk would make fun of Sigrid occasionally for her concern about her looks, he thought she worries too much about her appearance while she would have to worry about her ‘Mech.

Forest Aviary, Carrier Class Dropship
Eden System
Pentagon worlds, Clan homeworlds
14 November 3044

Clan Wolf Gamma Galaxy Dropship was well under way to the Eden System nadir jump point, carrying a full load of Clan OmniFighters they won fighting the Clan Jade Falcon in a Trial of Possession on Eden. Along with the OmniFighters, they also picked up Whelp Sigrid, who requested a early release from the military hospital. She had her bandages removed, and was shocked to see the damage done on her face. A scar ran from her lips, almost all the way up to her ear, it was also split in the middle and a section of it ran up to her eye, a little bit over her nose. She was lucky she did not lose half of her face, or that she survived at all. She could barely hold back tears as the bandages came off, but was now focused on seeking vengeance and met any suggestions from the doctors of a reconstructive operation with an angry look, “I am a Warrior. I will bare my scars with pride, and make sure people who caused them get what they deserve”.
I do not know who you persuaded Dirk, but I know deep down that you tampered with my ‘Mech before our training duel she thought to herself, sitting alone in the Dropship mess hall. Her mind wandered off again to the fight, trying to remember as much as possible. She could see him clear as day, right before they climbed into their ‘Mechs, smiling, opening his mouth and releasing that taunting tone, “We shall see if you will run around much today”, and released another long hard laugh. She did not think much of it at that time, she was focused, and ready to smash Dirk into the ground again, as she has done many times before, with or without the ‘Mech. A fast Medium ‘Mech was just down her alley, she preferred the speed and agility of them, over heavier, less nimble ‘Mechs. Dirk on the other hand, preferred heavier ‘Mechs, with more firepower, which moved slower, Sigrid often thought to herself, a slow mind, needs a slow ‘Mech. As soon as the ‘Mech bootup sequence was through, and all systems were checked, and the fight was approved by the Oathmaster, she would put the ‘Mech in full throttle, running directly for Dirk. At the very last moment, she would steer her Clint to the right, unloading a complete Alpha Strike into Dirks ‘Mech, narrowly missing him with her own ‘Mech. They both turned around, this time, she did not charge, but continued a steady barrage of weapon fire, dealing damage, shot after shot. She would also take some of the damage, but nothing critical. She prepared for a final charge against Dirks Clint, and this is where her memory is failing again, the next thing she remembers is being surprised of the abrupt stop of her ‘Mech, toppling over forward with a failed hip actuator, and again a blank. She can slightly remember trying to get her ‘Mech upright again, but a loud bang is all that is left of the memory. The next thing she remembers was waking up in the hospital on Eden. She saw the footage of the fight, where it is clearly visible that she was attempting to get the ‘Mech upright, and Dirk aligned his LBX-10 Autocannon with hers, and pulled the trigger, hitting the center torso and the cockpit of Sigrids Clint.
My legs were undamaged! I remember checking the status before going for the final charge. I would not have charged if I was unsure I could defeat you right there. Who did you convince to tamper with my equipment?! You coward! she thought, I will find out, but I have to be careful, I have no evidence, but I will find out who and how you convinced them. She finished her meal, and went back to her bunk bed. The Dropship left the starport yesterday, it would take it another week or two to reach the Timber Wolf, a Monolith class JumpShip of the Gamma Galaxy.

In the coming days on the DropShip and later on the JumpShip she would relive the fight with Dirk again and again, but would also engage in various activities with the other Wolf warriors, learning about the Gamma Galaxy, remembrance units of its Warriors. She knew each Warrior of the Gamma Galaxy bore the insignia of their own remembrance unit, and that they are required to know its history, but she was a little bit amazed at how prideful they all spoke of their remembrance units. On a regular basis she had checkups in the on-board infirmary, she would receive shots to enhance her treatment, and after a couple of days, the wounds sealed up, and she was ready to train with the Warriors on board the JumpShip. She needed that training, to sharpen her mind, and to keep in shape. She had nothing but vengeance in mind when she got back to her SibKo. She learned a couple of things in hand to hand combat from the already tested Warriors. They did not accept her at first, but after she floored a couple of them, they became more acceptive, although their tone remained cold as before. It did not bother her, as long as she could train, and keep up physically.

Tranquil SibKo training grounds
Kerensky cluster, Clan homeworlds
29 December 3044

“Oh look who is back. Welcome, your highness” said Dirk mockingly as Sigrid appeared on the training grounds, “how is your pretty little face?” She could barely hold back from jumping on him right there, and it was visible to everyone that the color on her face turned bright red from anger. Sigrid faced the trainer, stood at attention, saluted, and said “Whelp Sigrid reporting for training, sir”. “Had a nice rest Whelp?” said David, an old washed up Clan Warrior way beyond his prime. Sigird met his question quite offensively, “Watch it, old man, I will still grind you to dust if need be!” she said. Davids face turned red, eyes almost popped out of their sockets, even though Sigrid was over 2 meters tall, David towered over her, he could barely keep his tone down, “We shall see that, Whelp. Fall in line!”, she shot him a half grin, executed a standard turn on her heels, and stepped in line with the other Whelps.

After a long day of physical exercise the Whelps were ordered to head into the showers, report in the mess hall, and turn in for the night. As they were marching into the barracks to draw fresh underwear and towels for the shower, Sigrid approached Dirk from behind, “You have anything to say to me, freebirth?!” Dirk did not have to turn around, he knew exactly who spoke those words, as he was turning around to face her he said, “Freebirth?! How dare you!”. Sigrid could barely hold herself back, wanting to attack him right on the spot, “Aff, a freebirth! Only a freebirth would attempt to tamper with the opponents equipment! Too embarrassed to lose again to a princess?”, she used the insult word he used for her on purpose, because she knew he had an issue with her always attempting to look her best, and beating him in combat after combat.


Übersetzung folgt.

Erstmal entschuldigung, ich würde versuchen das ganzes zu übersetzen, aber mit meine kenntnisse kann es dauern.

Und mal zu erklären, Sigrid ist mein zweites/sekündäres character mit welchen werde ich übernehmen RP sachen in welchen ich nicht als Khan teilnehmen kann. Ich möchte der character durch RP entwickeln, da bitte ich ein paar die auch mitmachen wollen, mit eigene charactere, und/oder auch die "NPC" in der story.

Erstesmall brauche ich jeman wer von obene punkt weiter der Dirk übernihmt, und reagiert da weiter wie er/sie will. Wann ein 2D6 roll bennötigt ist, machen wir es halt, und legen fest die roll ergebnisse bevor. Also das wir nach rollen schon wiessen was bedeutet wann Sigrid rollt ein 4 und Dirk rollt ein 8, als beispiel.

Antworte brauchen nicht in Englisch sein, können auch Deutsch sein, und ich würde die dann in Englisch übersetzen.

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Diesen Thread beende ich auch, bis es irgendwann vielleicht weiter geht...

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