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DCMS Storyline - Season 2
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Hoshi Toranaga
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13.04.2018 21:38:42
Undisclosed Planet - DCMS Military Rally Point
Draconis Combinate, Inner Sphere
13 April 3053, 1100 SET (Standard Earth Time)

It was a great honour for Hoshi to be the one to prepare the tea ceremony before the launch of the attack and he knew that perfection was his goal.
Of course the first rule of the tea ceremony was perfect cleanlyness and so he started hours before the guests would arrive. Starting of with cleaning the cobble stones that lead to the tea house in the middle of the stone and plant garden.
Then his real work began, the art of the approach to the tea house. He had cleared the stone garden to seemingly be clean and arranged the bigger stones. Anyone not being a Samurai of the Dragon might miss the subtlety he was placing, but he knew his fellow officers wont and it was his duty to encourage them for the upcoming fight.
So he placed the stone with the green shimmer as the symbol of Luthien and lined it with smaller polished stones across the path from the golden flowers, that would subtle reflect their gold in the polished stones just so slightly at the time his guests would arrive.
It would represent the pillar of gold. Gold will not falter, nor does everything have to be pure gold. Even a gold lining might be glorious if weaved into the right silk. Even though gold is soft and mallable, it is still resistant and will endure the eons of time. This may guide the 36th in their way that even a small victory can turn the tide of war and that even the bend will not break.
In the right direction he placed a blueish big stone representing Dieron and metallish looking smaller stones that lead from Luthien to Dieron, but in a ever so slight bend and sharper stones on one side of this path. Of course representing a Katana as well as the pillar of steel. Maybe the most important of the pillars, he was wondering. This pillar represents the strength of the Samurai, a Katana is the Samurai's soul and guardian of his life. To lay the stones in this way also represent that the 36th are the strength of Dieron and hance enfore the will of the Coordinator residing on Luthien, as the pillar of steel will crush the enemies of the Combine.
At this point Hoshi lined Dieron with small round brown stones, those would represent the pillar of teak. As he though so many times that the 36th are the embodiment of the teak wood pillar in many ways. Teak is the most imperishable wood and it does so by having so many unique features, but none that are as shiny as gold or as strong as steel. While being strong, teak does also bend, while not being sharp it can lash out, when water falls on it, it will oil itself to not rot away, even when cut from the living tree for hundreds of years, you can leave footprints on it when walking a teak plank, but the wood will restore itself to prefect smoothness. The 36th may not be a sword of light regiment, but they sure have the heart of the dragon in them. They are not as well equipped, but they can lash out. You can beat them down, but the will stand the test of time and come back at you. Hoshi smiled.
As a moon to the planets Hoshi placed a small ivory disks, of course representing the pillar of ivory. Ivory does represent the spiritual side of the combine, but also ivory is something you get from living animals and hence it is something that one has to be even more grateful for as it is given by nature. Without his spiritual guidance of the Kami a Samurai would be without purpose and honor. Karma may lead the 36th to victory, but nothing can be forced, like the flow of the vanes in the ivory that are unique the path of the Kanniguri has to unfold on its own, but with the strong leadership of the officers and their trust.
Finally Hoshi placed a small Jade pearl in the shadow of the planet stones from his own prayed bead. The pillar of jade is maybe the one always clearing his own mind. Jade is the one thing that deflects evil ghosts and at the same time represents the small people in the Combine working together to become something bigger, maybe even a Dragon. He saw a lot of the 36th this way, as they were sometimes small, not as shiny as a diamond or ruby, but with more mystical power to deflect those who oppose them.
Hoshi took a step back and looked at his work and then began the long work arranging all the other main planets in the right way and clearing the small sand inbetween from any disturbance of his feet while placing the stones. He went back to the well and took a sip of water, as if to test its perefection, but also to clear his head and he looked back at the garden while putting water in the water cask and picking up the tea box, filled with tea that he powdered himself the day prior. Happy with his preparation, the ceremony was only a short time away and he was confident it would be perfect as would be their victory.
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